On time!


Our fleet includes only tractor units with semi-trailers. All semi-trailers are adjusted to transporting steel coils (coilmulde). In order to keep our promises we need proper tools that is why the fleet is regularly replaced with new vehicles.

The tractor units are replaced every 3 years. As of 2017, as a result of replacing our last batch of vehicles, all our trucks meet the Euro-6 fuel emission standard. The tractor units are maintained at authorised service centres. If we have no expertise in relation to something, we let professionals do it!

All vehicles are equipped with a GPS.



Our mission is to be the carrier on which you can rely on. If we say something we believe we can do this.

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Straight to
your destination

We focus on what we are good at! Trust professionals!

of the loads we carry are transported using our of vehicle fleet. 1% is transported by our business partners.

We always drive along the same routes.

We use semi-trailers with standard parameters for transport of goods.

From the trucks available on the market, we select the ones that are the best for the conditions we work in and that is what our vehicle fleet is based on.
Our vehicles transport goods between the west of Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg daily. We are also available to travel to other destinations. If we are unable to guarantee services at a required level, we will try to recommend the proper company for you.